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Through our work we hope to honour well the story of life that this place holds, acknowledging the dignity of the soil, stones, trees, rushing winds and flowing waters.


The dream is a place that people can come experience and practice being together and with the environment.

A place for learning, celebration and peace. We are reimagining Secret Valley Escape as a wildlife sanctuary, a permaculture garden, an art residency, and a learning centre, as well as a romantic retreat as it has been in the past. 

Our team will continue to work with the land, the structures and the people onsite embracing the principles of permaculture, Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Wishing to share the wonders of permaculture, we are grounded in the intention of being a proving ground for this science of ecological ethics and practices.


Some of our principle projects are as follows.

  1. Movement / Multi-purpose Hall - One of our first big projects is to revive and invigorate our hall space with workshops from traveling facilitators and regular classes from our local artistic and therapeutic practitioners, 

  2. Wildlife Sanctuary - We are looking into the the steps that it takes to practically and officially turn Secret Valley into a wildlife sanctuary. 

  3. Large art studio space - With our backgrounds in the arts and love of high ceilings, turning the old horse stable into an art studio has been a dream of ours. 

  4. Horse Riding - There are several horse riding companies in the area and we are exploring the idea of allowing a portion of the tracks at Secret Valley to be used for equestrian activities. 

  5. Water Works - Having a good amount of small ponds on the property allows for a great variety of like to thrive here, especially during times of drought when the creek may be flowing little. For this reason, repair of several of the dams on the property is one of our plans. We also have been researching and, with collaboration, will be building natural plunge pools for refreshing soaks during the warmer months.

6. Structural Updates - We have a plan in place for updating furnishings and doing regular maintenance renovations for all of our accommodation, improving them and making them all the more comfortable and inviting.

Watch this space to see what we are up to, and come, stay, and get involved! 


December 5, 2018

Gandalf and Sinatra are due for their summer suits. They can't be more excited for their first fitting. -Not! Being two grumpy old men - think Muppet Show - they actually do dislike shearing time a hearty bit. 

Alas, it must be done, and they'll look all the more dashing for it. Wish us luck. 

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