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We’ve recently changed our name from Secret Valley Escape to Maya Sanctuary. It is a name that encompasses the wholeness of this place and our work in caring for it.


This valley and our country accommodation are true sanctuaries in the deepest sense.


This is a place that protects and celebrates our local ecology. It invites people to grow their relationship with the beauty of the earth.

This is a place for love to flourish - love of oneself, love of each other, and love of the plants, animals, soil, water, air and skies of this valley on the western edge of the Blue Mountains.



     /mah-yuh/ noun/adj. 

  1. the universal power of creation; the dream of the world (Sanskrit) 

  2. home, place (Jiwarli & Noongar)

  3. love (Nepali)

  4. gracious & generous (Persian)

  5. a lens that helps to see further (Amharic)



  1. a place where people go for peaceful tranquility or introspection

  2. a place of refuge and protection

What's staying the same?

Everything you love will stay the same! We will continue to welcome guests like you, so rest assured your favourite holiday destination is here and ready for you :)

We are under the same management and ownership – and our dedication to quality guest experience and customer service is as strong as ever.

What's new?

Upgrades to our gardens & accommodation

During the quiet winter of 2021, we took the opportunity to make some path upgrades to the gardens around our cottages that we've wanted to do for years. Come over and have a wander :) We look forward to planting out the garden beds with more native shrubs. Up next on our list are upgrades to some of our indoor facilities that we are sure you will love!

More room for group bookings & events

We have a newly furnished dining area at our main guesthouse for larger bookings, a beautiful multi-purpose hall space for group functions and events -- and we are in the process of installing more sleeping options so that we will be able to nearly double our capacity and provide more single-bed options.

With these new updates allowing for different kinds of group bookings, we are welcoming enquiries for your next group workshop, retreat, or reunion event.

More On-site Learning Opportunities

We now have regular weekend classes in integrated movement and self-awareness practices like yoga, dance & Feldenkrais. Check the schedule before your stay! 

More Bush Regeneration Projects

We are partnering with our neighbours, local land services & regional environmental groups to fund on-going permaculture projects that regenerate soils, waterways, local plant life and habitat for wild-life in the Kanimbla Valley.

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