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This page is intended for confirmed guests but please feel free to go ahead and read. You will find information that may be useful in making a decision to come stay at Secret Valley.

Welcome to Secret Valley Escape, and thank you for staying with us!

We hope that you have a wonderful experience, and to help you with that, here is some handy information. You can find directions on how to get to Secret Valley here

Here is a collection of the information to know before your stay. Please read through carefully so that you have an idea of how you might need to prepare. Call or send us an email if you have any further questions. 

​When you are ready, please fill out and submit the Guest Form.


Is there a restaurant on-site or do we cater for ourselves?


Currently, there is no on-site restaurant at Secret Valley Escape, so we do recommend bringing your own food to enjoy using the built in kitchen facilities at your acccommodation. (See next question for details.)


Due to distance from shops, we suggest organising grocery shopping prior to arrival - the major supermarkets (open till late) are at Katoomba and Lithgow, or local shops at Blackheath (close at 5pm).


If you would like to take advantage of the great restaurants in our local area, please see our recommendations at the bottom of this page. 

What cooking facilities are there?


Cottages: Romantic Spa Cottages and Artist's Cottage have a fully equipped kitchenette with gas stove, microwave and a small fridge, as well as kettle, toaster, and sandwich press. (oven not available).

Guest House: The guest house has a fully equipped kitchen with gas stove, oven, microwave and large fridge, as well as kettle, toaster, and sandwich press. 

Also provided are a variety of cooking utensils and crockery, salt and pepper grinders and sugar, etc - feel free to bring your food provisions and cooking oils. 

Your accommodation has its own BBQ on the deck - BBQ wipes are provided for wiping off excess grease.

Please clean up thoroughly after yourself, including drying and putting away dishes. 

Do we need to bring bottled water?


Each cottage has its own water tank for collecting rain water. Our water is very clean, clear and sweet. It may sometimes be dyed by the falling gum leaves, which is harmless. However for extra safety, it is recommended that you boil all water before you drink. If you prefer, you may of course bring your own bottled water.

Is there WiFi or mobile phone reception on the property?


There is no WiFi provided as our guests prefer to really turn-off and enjoy the peace and quite. Mobile phone reception is good for most carriers at the accommodations, with less signal as you wander down into the valley or nearby the creek. Artist's cottage normally has OK mobile signal in certain spots, but it is not as strong as in the guest house or other cottages.

Cottages only: To enjoy movies and music, you will find a monitor, and a DVD/CD player. Feel free to bring your favourites or choose from our DVD selection. The monitor will also accept USBs. There is no TV reception offered in the cottages. 

Guest House: There are no TV monitors or DVD players available in the King or Queen rooms.

Is firewood provided or do we need to bring our own?


For the cooler months (April to September), we are happy to provide a firewood bundle to you free of charge. This includes the delivery of the first load of wood with kindling, fire starters and gloves, plus access to wood as needed during your stay from the wood shed along the circular drive.

Do we need to bring linens for the bed?

All bed linens are provided by us including bathrobes and towels.

Slippers are provided for your comfort and cleanliness inside the cottage. Please protect the floors by leaving shoes outside.

Anything else we need to bring?


Warm clothing is recommended for the cooler months and so are long pants and covered shoes for nature walks around the property. Bring swimmers for the spa! 

Do you have a pick-up service from the nearest train station?


We do not currently have a pick-up service to/from the nearest train station. We recommend using a rental car if you do not own a vehicle. Local taxis are also available - travel time and cost may vary. You can find more information about taxis and how to get to Secret Valley Escape here

Are there any Australian wild-life on the property, like kangaroos, etc.?


Many kangaroos and wallabies pass through the property regularly, nibbling on grass during dawn and dusk, and some even during regular day-light hours. Additionally, secret valley is home to wombats, goannas, rakali (like small river otters), and many types of wild birds. 

There have been signs of koalas and platypus in this local region too, but they would be more rare to see on our property so please let us know if you find one!

Do you have any live-stock or domesticated animals on the property?


There are two Alpacas roaming on the property. They are lovely and gentle animals but can get very excited about their treats (the pellets in the bucket are like lollies to them). So rather than serving them by hand, we recommend putting the treats on the ground. 

We also have some chickens and roosters, and a super duper doggy named Buzz at our home.

How are the accommodations heated/cooled?


Cottages: Each cottage has a reverse cycle air con for year round comfort if needed. There is an electric blanket on the bed, and heater in the bathroom as well.  During adverse climate situations, the air con will be set to 20 degrees to maintain a comfortable temperature prior to guest arrival. Your thoughtfulness in turning the air con off when leaving to conserve energy would be much appreciated. The mudbrick provides excellent insulation all year round, cool in summer and warm in winter.  

Guest House: The large manor house has a wood-fired stove as well as a gas fireplace which do an excellent job of heating the common areas of the house during the winter. The large manor house also has gas-powered thermostat for year round comfort if needed. There is an electric blanket on the bed, and heater in the bathroom as well.  During adverse climate situations, the thermostat will be set to 20 degrees to maintain a comfortable temperature during the evenings and mornings. We ask that you leave the thermostat settings to our staff as any mistakes could negatively affect our gas supply. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Anything we should know about the hot tub?

Our jacuzzis utilise a state of the art Ozone cleaning system, which eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. The water is kept crystal clear, has no odours, and is kind to your skin. The spa temperature is set at a perfect 38ºC (and will shut down for your safety if turned above 40ºC).

The ozone cleaning system is very delicate and so that you and further guests can fully enjoy the spa, please read the following tips carefully:

  • The spa is not a bath, and will be damaged if used as such. It is a shared resource, like a pool.

  • Shower thoroughly before entering the spa, remove all products, like makeup, deodorant, moisteriser, etc.

  • Do not take in anything else with you, including: soap, massage oils, sunscreen, candle wax, food, drinks, loose clothing/swimwear, flower petals, etc.

To ensure spa water quality, we may come to balance the spa water between 1 - 2 pm, everyday during your stay. This will only take a few minutes but please let us know if this time is not convenient for you.


Mis-use Fee

We hope that this will not be necessary, however in cases of clear misuse we will charge the following fees as a minimum, with any cost of special cleaning/repairs on top.

  • $150: for cleaning due to the presence of any products/materials

  • $50:  to reset the jacuzzi in the event of a shut down due to the temperature being set above 40ºC


Spa Malfunction Rebate

  • $50 rebate per day in the very rare situation when the jacuzzi breaks down and we are not able to offer an alternative arrangement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


How fast can we drive on the property? Is 4WD allowed?

Maintaining a slow speed below 15 km/hour while driving on the property would be much appreciated.

Once you have entered, you may only drive on the paved roads. The bush and dirt road areas of the property are currently in restoration and are reserved for bush-walks only.


Off-road 4WD is NOT allowed.


Look out for the wildlife roaming on the property.

Can we bring an aerial drone to fly and do photography?


For the sake of the serenity and privacy of our guests and neighbours, flying drones on the property is strictly NOT allowed. 

What nearby restaurants do you recommend?

There are some excellent restaurants nearby. If you do choose to eat out, we strongly recommend making a reservation well in advance to secure a table.


Below are some of our recommendations for dinner options at local restaurants. Offers from these establishments might change from time to time, so please check current status with them on booking.


For guests planning to eat out on Monday and Tuesday at the mountains, please make prior enquiries as lots of restaurants will be closed on those days.  The Caltex at Mt Victoria has a restaurant section opened daily.


In Little Hartley (~13 min)

- A delicious choice for lunch or dinner, the closest restaurant to us is Ambermere Rose Inn. Please note they are only open for dinner on Saturday.

As they have a wonderful reputation, they do normally get booked out for meal times so we recommend calling to reserve in advance at this number: (02) (6355 2266)


- Also in Little Hartley is Alchemy: Wood-Fired Pizza Cafe (02) 6355 2056 - the best pizza you can get for miles and some of the best sunset views on this side of the mountains. Open Wed 4-8 pm, Thu to Sun 9.30 to 8 pm (reservations recommended as they can get quite busy)


In Mt Victoria (~19 min)

Whether on your way into the mountains for the day, or on your way to Sydney, Petalura Eatery at Mt Victoria is a yummy way to start the day, offering a great breakfast menu with freshly squeezed juice.   (02) 4787 1220


In Blackheath (~25 min)

- A restaurant that has been getting rave reviews from our guests recently is Fumo in Blackheath.

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Friday through Sunday.

We recommend phoning in advance to reserve a spot.: (02) 4787 6899


Blue Jax Restaurant at the George Boutique Hotel (02) 4787 6111 – Under new management since it use to be known as ‘St Mounts Trattoria’, this spot is known for generous portions of Italian food in a truly charming atmosphere.


In Katoomba (~35 min)

Basil Nut Café & Restaurant is located in the heart of Katoomba, and they have a diverse menu of Asian cuisine with a modern twist. They are open for lunch and dinner and closed on Tuesdays. (02) 4782 1294


In Leura (~38 min)

Silks Brasserie at Leura (02) 4784 2534 -  Modern Australian menu - beautiful food and setting - Silks is a well-known establishment in the Blue Mountains dining scene, and for good reason.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

What activities do you recommend for when we are on the property?


Most guests coming to Secret Valley Escape look forward to a unique getaway with the experience of total relaxation and serenity on the 200 acres of tranquil bush environment. Pack a picnic basket and take a leisurely walk in the natural surroundings dotted with scribbling gums, creeks, dams, valleys and the top meadows. We will provide you with a map of the property outlining our nature walks. 


Enjoy hours in the sensational hot tub (*in select accommodations only) soaking up the beautiful escarpment views to the north and gazing at the magical star trail on a clear night - while enjoying a glass of wine! 


At night embrace intimate moments in front of log fire, re-connecting or watching favourite movies..... If you would like a rejuvenating massage, this could be organised on prior booking.



What nearby attractions do you recommend?


Nearby places of interest within the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area include the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls and Lakes, or taking any of the numerous bush walking trails including the Six-Foot track that passes by Cox's River.


Visit Hartley Historical Site where the original colonial settlements in the area began.


Jenolan Caves conducts fascinating cave tours, and concerts in the Cathedral Chamber of the Lucas Caves, usually on Saturdays.


During Autumn (April to May) you can go mushroom picking in the pine forests in Oberon (particularly good after rain) and there are many gardens in Leura and Mt Wilson that open to the public in spring and autumn.


There is a beautiful and easy to play golf course in Blackheath.  For those delighting in more adventurous activities, horse riding is available at Blackheath in Megalong Valley, outdoor rock climbing, canyoning and abseiling can be arranged by operators in the Blue Mountains.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Please feel free to contact us if you require any other information or assistance.  We look forward to sharing our secret valley with you soon, and trust that you will have a beautiful and memorable stay.

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